10 Money Saving Hacks

When it comes to saving money, you’ve probably heard all the basics: buy in bulk, put away money as soon as your paycheck comes in, and eat out less.

Those are all good tips, but they’re old, used and often go in one ear and out the other. The money-saving hacks listed below, however, are fresh, creative, varied and sure to make a positive impact.

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Check them out:

At the Grocery Store

Listen to upbeat music on your phone to distract yourself from the music played at the grocery store. The rhythm is slower than the average heartbeat, which makes you spend more time in the store and buy 29 percent more, according to industry analysts. 

Ever wonder why shopping carts seem to keep getting bigger? One marketing consultant revealed customers tend to buy more when they use bigger carts. If you’re only going in for a few things, stick to a hand basket.

While Traveling

Pack a hat. In a pinch, it doubles as a sick bucket, can be made into a Frisbee, covers a bad hair day, shields iced drinks, catches spiders, stores toiletries and hides valuables.

When comparing flight prices online, use the “incognito mode” on your browser or clear your cache. Many websites know when you return more than once to check their flight prices and raise their prices accordingly when you log back on.

While Planning a wedding

If you’re getting married, cut down on the most expensive aspect of the day — the venue — by reserving an “off” day for your wedding. Saturday evenings are typically the most popular day and time for a reception, so consider holding yours on a Friday evening or a Sunday morning.

Muffins, fruits and mimosas could be just as celebratory as steak and cocktails for weddings, but a whole lot cheaper.

At Home

To freshen up your home, tie dryer sheets in front of an enclosed fan and enjoy the fresh scent instead of spending money on expensive air fresheners.

Extend the life of batteries and candles by storing them in the freezer.

Share your Wi-Fi with a neighbor to cut your bill in half.

Before you call the handyman to fix appliances, check YouTube for helpful repair tips and Do It Yourself (DIY) videos. Not only could this potentially help you save money, it could also teach you something new.