2015 Annual Meeting

camino federal credit union annual meeting, los angeles credit unionWill you join us for our Annual Meeting this year? Our Annual Meeting is an opportunity for our members to shape the future of Camino Federal Credit Union. This year, it will be on Wednesday, March 11th at 5:30pm and will be held at our Montebello branch.  

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial co-operatives that are owned by their members. Because of this, credit unions are able to offer products and services at a much lower cost than traditional banks. This can translate into higher returns on your savings accounts and lower interest rates on your home or auto loans.

Because we are a not-for-profit financial co-operative, each of our members is a part owner of our credit union. Because our members are part owners, they get the opportunity to elect the board of directors. This vote happens every year at our Annual Meeting. Camino Federal Credit Union has 9 board members and each of our board members serve a term of 3 years.

Our board of directors perform many functions, including choosing the executive team, monitoring the fiscal health of the credit union, and managing the credit unions growth. This year, there are three openings on our board of directors and all members in attendance of the meeting can vote.

We will also be serving light refreshments at the Annual Meeting, provided by students in the culinary program at the Applied Technology Center in Montebello.

It’s a great time to get to know more about your credit union and hear what is in store for the year to come. We hope that you will join us this year for the 74th Annual Meeting!