4 Ways to Build a Stronger Team

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teamwork, building a team, working as a team, camino federal credit unionThere are many different instances where you have to work on a team. Whether it’s your job, on the PTA, or volunteer work you are doing, there are few times in our life that we are not working on or with a team.

Working with a team of people can either be an extremely rewarding experience, or it can be very frustrating. Depending on the team, your experience can vary dramatically. But what is the differentiating factor? What makes a team work together in harmony versus being fragmented and divided?

While these questions might have no easy answer, here at Camino Federal Credit Union, we have found there are a few things that every team should have in order to perform successfully.

Clear Goals

If you are working on a team, there needs to be shared goals by everyone on that team. For us, that could mean providing excellent member service or it might mean providing an easier loan application process. Whatever the goal is, it needs to be clear and well defined so that everyone on that team understands what the ultimate outcome is.

Constant Communication

Setting clear goals is the first step, but there are many things that will need to happen along the way in order for the team to reach the goal. Because of that, communication is vital. People need to know what others are doing in order to reach the goal at the same time and in the same way. At Camino, we have regular team meetings and update each other with what we are doing to achieve the goals we have set.


A good team thrives on creativity. Within every project, in every industry, there is always opportunity for creativity. Encouraging creativity and welcoming new ideas is important for the team to be able to produce the best possible result. However, creativity is only helpful if everyone on the team has an open mind. Shutting down new ideas is the quickest way to get creative people to stop participating. Instead, welcome new ideas and encourage innovation.

Strong and Involved Leader

It’s important for every team to have a leader. Having someone to steer the team is very important. By taking an active role in the project and giving feedback and suggestions along the way, a leader can directly impact the performance of the team.

If you are working on a team and are finding it frustrating or unrewarding, take a step back and think about why it’s not working. Perhaps implementing one of these suggestions will help turn the experience from a negative one to something positive.

We will leave you with a little inspiration:

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie