5 Satisfying Alternatives to Pet Ownership

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5 Satisfying Alternatives to Pet Ownership

From dogs to cats to miniature horses, pet owners understand that owning a pet is similar to having a child. The costs can get pricey! From the leashes to the cat litter, these expenses can add up quickly and you may find yourself loving the snuggly animal, but in over your head in your finances. Depending on where a person is in life, owning a pet may not be the most financially secure move to make. If your budget isn’t ready for a pet, but your heart is, here are alternatives for pet ownership that could still leave you satisfied!

Pet Sitting

Taking a pet into your own home or staying at a friend or family members’ home will leave you and your savings account happy! A good way to make yourself first in mind to your friends is to make yourself comfortable at their house and play with their pet when you can. This way, the owners know the animal approves of you already and it will be a seamless and safe process to have you take care of their pet while they are away.


Do your research in your area about different shelters and animal rescues that have programs for pet foster care programs. Often times, there is an overflow at the shelter or they want to get the animals comfortable in a home environment, so they turn to volunteers to take them in. Something to consider before fostering a pet is that you will eventually have to give them up!

Pet Walking

If you want to hang out with animals while getting a workout in, pet walking may be the best option for you. Not only will this give you the ability to be with animals in your day, but you also have an opportunity to make some extra money, as well. Spread the word about your services to your neighbors and friends and your business could take off!


Another option is to start volunteering at a local shelter or animal rescue. If you have extra hours to give after work, this is a great way to give back to your community while being surrounded by animals. Local shelters are usually looking for people to exercise pets and give positive attention to animals waiting for their forever home.

Service Dog Training

Last but not least, another way to give back to the community, while being around furry pets, is to train service dogs! These dogs are extremely special because they help people with disabilities. In between a service dogs’ training, the dogs are given temporary owners so they can adapt to the outside world. There are organizations that put the dogs in temporary homes before they finish training.

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