5 Ways to Make Online Learning Easier

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School is back in session! As you start taking online classes, it is important to keep an eye out to see what is working and what is taking away from your learning. Here are some tips to help make online classes easier and more productive.

5 Ways to Make Online Learning Easier

1. Treat Online Classes Like In Person Classes

Taking online classes takes discipline. With the increased flexibility of when you need to complete your work, it makes it challenging to stay on top of it without procrastinating. The best way to combat this issue is by acting like you are taking your online class in person by setting specific times everyday to complete your work and setting your own deadlines for when your work should be done.

2. Practice Time Management

The best way to stay on track is to plan out what you need to accomplish and consider how long those items will take to complete. To help, take the time to write down all the important deadlines that tests will be or projects will be due. Additionally, schedule a block of time before those dates to prepare and work on those items.

3. Stay Organized

A great way to stay organized for online classes is by setting a dedicated work space to keep all your papers and supplies that you will need. Anytime you work on homework or other assignments, make sure to do that work in that dedicated spot to avoid misplacing your papers.

By doing this it also helps you stay focused because you know that when you are sitting in that spot it means that you need to do work and listen. Take the time to experiment to see which environment in your house works for you and establish that as your routine. 

4. Eliminate Distractions

Depending on where your workspace is, it might be distracting to you or to others that are also doing work from home. Find a quiet and secluded place from others when you have online class to avoid disrupting the class and losing focus from your learning.

5. Figure Out How You Learn Best

Do you learn best by reading the powerpoint slides, by listening to the instructor or by physically writing out or speaking the material? Once you figure out how you learn best, you can work on implementing techniques that coincide with your personal habits and preferences.

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