The Best and Worst Things to Buy in July

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What have you been eyeing recently? Is it those new shoes or perhaps that new TV you want to put in your living room? You might not know it, but by waiting for the opportune moment, you can get a discount on those items.   The Best and Worst Things to Buy in July

What to Buy

1. Clothing

As we approach Fourth of July, there are lots of mark downs due to Independence Day sales. These items include swimwear and some types of summer clothing. You will need to check out your favorite stores and see what deals they will be offering.

2. Home Improvement Items

While we continue to stay home, this is a great time to begin purchasing home improvement items such as paint, new cabinet doors and more. By fixing up small things around the home, it makes it feel fresh and exciting. 

3. Furniture

In addition to the home improvement items, there is nothing better than sprucing up your home than by adding some new furniture. This is a great time to get your indoor and outdoor furniture because stores will begin bringing out their new furniture in August and will mark down their current furniture prices to make room for the new items.

4. Cars

Have you been thinking about getting a new car? This is a great time to consider getting one as dealerships have an abundance of cars that they need to sell due to COVID-19 deterring people from going out of their house and making big purchases due to the uncertainty.  Not sure you can afford a car?  Camino can help.

5. Video Games

Did you know that July 8th is Video Game Day? In addition to the day, many new and used video games tend to be discounted during the month of July. During the month, gamers can be on the lookout for the annual Steam Summer Sale. Look for games that people purchased in the fall and winter – many people decide to sell them after a few months to game stores for resale.

6. Fresh Produce

There is no better time than now to purchase produce than the peak of summer. In addition to being extra ripe and flavorful, the prices are also cheaper due to the abundance. Next time you want produce, check out your supermarket or local farmers market for delicious fruit and vegetables at a better price.

What Not to Buy

1. Back to School Supplies

Even though you may want to be ahead of the game to purchase your child’s school supplies, the best time to begin purchasing them is in August. Stores like Staples, Office Depot and Target tend to have back to school sales during that time.

2. Technology Devices

Just like school supplies, electronic devices such as tablets and laptops usually have better deals during back to school shopping. There are also more deals for teachers who need these devices for their classroom. 

3. Travel 

If you have been thinking about traveling, now might not be the best time. Many people like to travel during Fourth of July weekend and it is the time where most kids are out for summer vacation. If you are interested in finding better deals, check back in August.

4. Grills

Although you may want a new grill for Fourth of July to make your hotdogs and hamburgers, during this time, grills are in high demand. Stores such as Home Depot may be offering Fourth of July deals, but they most likely will still be cheaper after the holiday.

If you have any more items you think we should add, let us know!

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