The joy of better banking. Your best interests are our top priority.

Camino Federal Credit Union is different than a traditional bank. Traditional banks focus on making profits for their stakeholders. At Camino Federal Credit Union, our members are our stakeholders – our focus stays right here on you.

Enjoy the lowest possible rates for loans and the highest possible returns on your savings. That’s our promise. That’s the joy of Camino Federal Credit Union banking.

Quick and easy. Becoming a member of Camino Federal Credit Union is simpler than you imagine.

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Explore the benefits of Camino Federal Credit Union.
  • Online and Mobile Banking access available
  • Lowest possible loan rates
  • Highest possible returns on all types of savings accounts
  • Free nationwide ATM network
  • Access to the CO-OP Shared Branch Network – a nationwide network of banks ready to help you just like a local branch
  • Easy-to-use online banking
  • Financial experts that understand our community – we live here, too!
  • Bank “profits” support our promises to our members
  • Lifelong membership – even if you move out of state
  • Special Services – Auto Buying Services, Insurance Options, Credit Protection, and more.


If you live or work in Southern California, it’s likely that you’re eligible for membership (for life!).

Let’s work together to achieve your financial goals.

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