Board of Directors

Each of the exceptional individuals who serve on the Camino Federal Credit Union Board of Directors brings to their position insight and a passion for excellence. They truly understand the importance of anticipating member needs, developing long-term relationships with members, and maintaining a lasting bond with the community. They provide incredible insight and advice to our Executive Team on how to fulfill the mission of our credit union.  Our Board members also reflect our history, in that they have all had successful careers within the educational sector – the very group which Camino was founded to serve.


Maria Elena Alvarez

Chairwoman Maria Elena Alvarez

Noreene Arase

Vice Chairwoman Noreene Arase

Sterling Schubert

Secretary/Treasurer Sterling Schubert



Andres Castillo

Director Andres Castillo

Fran Mondaca


Fran Mondaca

Eugene Malinzak


Eugene Malinzak



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