Why Age and Mix of Credit is Important

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When did you request your first loan or credit card? As soon as you opened your first loan or credit card account a credit report with your name on it started keeping tabs. Whether you’ve had credit for three months … Read More

Credit Utilization – What You Spend Matters

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Using credit can be confusing. You create all of these effective spending habits to avoid applying for a credit card, but then you need credit to build a good credit score so that you can get a home, a car, … Read More

Why Your Credit History Matters

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Do you remember your teacher saying “this will go on your permanent record”? Well, think of your credit history as just that. Your credit history is a permanent record that follows you forever, playing a huge role in many major … Read More

Explore The Los Angeles Area Like a Tourist

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It’s easy to get comfortable going to the same places for birthday celebrations or taking the same hike when it’s a beautiful day. But, have you ever thought about exploring the city as a tourist? It can be fun to … Read More

How to Financially Plan for Graduate School

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Regardless if you’ve been out of college for years or one semester, making the decision to further your education is a big step, especially financially. By now you’ve started looking at the school’s curriculum and calculating up the cost of … Read More

5 Tips For Using Credit Wisely

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It’s easy for credit card debt to spiral out of control, which is why it is so important to protect yourself and use credit wisely. Similar to your health, you’ll want to take care of your credit, minimize risks and … Read More

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