Nearly New Auto Refinancing

We are offering our members an opportunity to refinance their vehicle using a program that is unique to Camino Federal Credit Union.

Members who have purchased a new automobile (car, truck, or van) from a dealership and are currently paying on the original loan have the chance to refinance at new automobile rates -- regardless of the length of time you've had the vehicle. This allows members to refinance their automobile at new auto loan rates for the remaining term of the original loan, which are often lower than used auto loan rates. For example… a new auto loan rate for 48 months.*


What you need for this loan:
  • Original owner of automobile when it was new
  • Owner paying on original loan
  • Mileage cannot exceed 100,000 miles


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Nearly New Auto Refinancing

How are Loan Rates Different For Cars and Trucks?

Have you have been in the market recently for a new car? If you’ve been eyeing a new truck, chances are you may have hesitated based on higher interest rates for a larger vehicle, but are loan rates for trucks that much different when compared to cars? How are Loan Rates Different For Cars and Trucks?
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*The maximum LTV cannot exceed 125% of the Kelly Blue Book or NADA, including Credit Union Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, with approved credit.

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