Certificate Accounts

Guaranteed growth. Who doesn’t love a fully secured way to get the most from their money? Certificates are some of the easiest ways to get your money growing. The returns are huge compared to your savings account.

Looking for a simple and risk-free option? Simply pick the amount of time you’re willing to deposit your funds, and you’re on your way. No risks, no stocks to watch – just guaranteed, fixed-rate growth backed with federal insurance. Use a Shared Certificate to diversify your investments or to save for that important event on the horizon.

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A great way to build liquidity into certificates—and to make the most of rate changes—is to ladder your Certificates.

Laddering simply means dividing your money among several certificates, each with an increasingly longer term, instead of putting all your money into one certificate. This way, part of your investment becomes available periodically rather than locking the entire amount for the longest term.

In addition to making funds available if you need them, this gives the opportunity to take advantage of rates that are increasing since you can reinvest the certificate that matures at the current rate.

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