Camino Credit Protection Plan

Keeping you afloat – no matter what happens. Even with the best intentions, life can get in the way of your ability to repay your loans. What happens if you lose your job, get injured, or have the unthinkable happen? A Camino Credit Protection Plan ensures your family isn’t left responsible for the loan balance.

Raise your hand to volunteer! Camino Credit Protection Plan is a voluntary loan-payment protection product that’s worth it. Preserve your family’s standard of living – regardless of what life throws at you.



No Monthly
Service Fee

Competitive Dividends on
Balances over $15

Dividends Compounded


Free Nationwide
ATMs & Branch Access

Online Banking
& Bill Pay


One-time $10
Membership Fee

$15 Minimum
Balance to Open

Federally insured
to $250,000

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