Text Banking

Skip the trip to the bank -- just shoot us a text instead. Check balances, transfer money, and view account history with Camino's Text Banking service. Enjoy almost anywhere, anytime access to your bank accounts. Your Camino branch is just a text away. Sign up for Text Banking today!

How To Enroll in Text Banking:
  • Sign into the Camino Online Banking portal
  • Click on "View your accounts"
  • Click on "Text accounts"
  • Choose "Enable and authorize text banking on the below mobile device" and enter your phone number -- it's that easy!
Text Commands:

See the table below for available text commands, or text LIST.

For more information about our Text Banking service contact us or visit one of our convenient branch locations.

Text Commands
BAL Provides balances for all accounts that are enabled for Text Banking
BAL account nickname Provides the balance for the specified account. Example: BAL acct1
HIST account nickname Provides account history for the specified account. Example: HIST acct1
XFER account nickname1 account nickname2 amount Transfer the specified amount from account 1 to account 2. Example: XFER acct1 acct2 100.00
HELP Sends a list of contact points for the credit union
STOP Stops all further text message communications
LIST See a list of available commands

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