Discover Which Credit Card Best Fits Your Needs

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Credit cards can be a convenient and beneficial financial tool when utilized responsibly. If you are looking to open your first credit card account or want to investigate your options further, keep in mind that there are several credit cards available for you to choose from.

At Camino Federal Credit Union, we have a credit card solution available for each of our members.

Getting Started Visa

Our team of financial experts are here to help you begin your successful credit journey. A Getting Started Visa credit card at Camino is ideal for our first-time credit card users as it allows you to build good credit and prepare for any expense the future may bring.

This credit card option offers our members low and affordable fixed rates with no annual fees. You can earn a number of Visa advantages, including security protections and convenient online access.

Visa Platinum with Rewards

Upon earning good credit, it is time for you to reap the benefits. The Camino Visa Platinum Card with Rewards allows you to earn perks and rewards. This credit card option gives you access to higher credit limits and an extensive list of Platinum Perks. With 1 point earned for every $1 spent, you get more from each purchase.

Camino FCU Platinum Perks offers:
– Visa Zero liability
– Enhanced Fraud Protection
– Cell Phone Protection
– Emergency cash advance and card replacement
– Travel and emergency assistance

Visa Platinum with Low Variable Rate

A Visa Platinum credit card with a low variable rate and our highest credit limits is a great combination. Our goal is to keep our members free of financial stress and burdens. This credit card option offers no annual fee!

Visa Share-Secure

We often see that credit cards can be difficult to get approved for if you do not have a good credit history. The Camino Visa Share-Secure credit card is a perfect solution for our members that find themselves in this situation.

You can use your savings and share certificate deposits at Camino as a pledge for a credit limit up to $10,000. It makes approval a simple process and allows you to build or repair credit securely.

Camino Federal Credit Union is different than a traditional bank. Traditional banks focus on making profits for their shareholders. At Camino Federal Credit Union, our members are our shareholders and our focus remains on helping your finances flourish.

We encourage you to become a member so you can enjoy high returns on your savings.