Holiday Finances: How To Stay Secure During The Holidays

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The holidays mean family, friends, gifts and shopping.

Unfortunately, the holidays also mean theft and opportunists looking to scam unknowing shoppers. Holiday Finances

Be safe and protect your finances this holiday season with these simple tips.

Protect your Checking and Savings Account With Credit Purchases

 Credit cards offer great protection when it comes to fraud.

 Be sure to know and understand what benefits and protections your credit cards offer you while making big purchases during the holiday season.

Some major credit card companies will offer zero liability to users who fall victim to identity theft and fraud.

Be Sure To Know What Links You Are Clicking On

During the holidays, many retailers will be sending out emails highlighting their holiday specials both online and in stores.

Unfortunately, scammers will take this as an opportunity to also send out their versions of the same type of ads, posing as major retailers in an attempt to steal your information.

Be sure to never input personal information such as credit card numbers or social security information into emails that ask for sensitive data.

If you receive an email and are unsure or feel skeptical, it is better to go to the company’s actual website to be safe.

Be Sure To Check Your Online Statements

Online banking gives you the power to monitor your finances directly from your mobile smartphone or computer.

Be wary of small purchases you are certain you did not make. Being proactive is the best way to protect your finances this holiday season.

During this holiday season, if you notice or suspect any fraudulent activity on your Camino Federal Credit Union account, please contact us right away at 800-835-3400 and speak with a Phone Center Representative

We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!