How To Budget As A Wedding Guest

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Springtime is here! Which means it’s also wedding season. Weddings aren’t just costly for the bride and groom; guests at the event pay a pretty penny to support their friend or family member tying the knot! Getting invited to weddings is fun until all of the expenses start to add up. From the wedding gift to finding the perfect outfit for the event, attending weddings can get costly! Here are the best ways to enjoy wedding season and keep your finances in check.


Budget Your Gifts

When planning out your wedding budget, it’s important to keep your gifts in mind to ensure you don’t overspend. If you find yourself invited to more than one wedding, stagger your gifts throughout the year! Usually recipients will receive their wedding invitation months in advance, this gives you time to plan your spending accordingly.

An option for a budget-conscious gift is giving cash to the newlyweds. This way, you’ll be able to spend as much as you’re able. If you’d like to go with a personal gift, check out the wedding registry right away. Usually the bride and groom put items on the registry for all kinds of budgets, make sure you get to it quickly so you can get first pick of the less expensive items!


Dress To Impress… Your Wallet

Weddings are all about celebrating two people in love, and also showing off a killer outfit. Guests tend to spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new cocktail dress or suit specifically for the wedding, when there are much cheaper options available. Instead of going to your favorite store to buy the outfit, try renting one instead! There are stores that let you rent your clothes and return them after the event, for a quarter of the price. You also have the option of borrowing an outfit from a friend!


Travel With Friends

If your next wedding appearance happens to be across the country, or maybe even a destination wedding across the globe, prices for airfare and hotel can get costly! The couple might spare you and pay for some or all of the expenses, but most times that’s not the case. A trick to saving money on travel costs is to plan the trip with your friends! Split the cost of a hotel room or take a long road trip with some friends. This will help alleviate some of the costs.

Weddings are a fun part of life when your friends or family celebrate being in love and you get to be a part of the memories. Don’t miss out on the fun, but remember don’t overspend by following these budget tips!

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