How to Spice Up Your Budgeting Plan this Fall

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Fall is here, and while the back-to-school shopping and summer vacation expenses have come and gone, it’s important to create and stick to a budgeting plan.


No matter how much money you plan to spend during pumpkin spice season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, having a  budgeting plan for the season can help you and your family conclude 2021 and begin 2022 on a financially healthy note. 


Here are some budgeting plan tips to try this fall. 

Orange and white pumpkins are on display on shelves and the ground
Try implementing these few budgeting tips this fall to save money while still enjoying the best parts of the season.

buPay Your Savings Account First 

Each time you receive a paycheck or a direct deposit to your checking account from your employer, take a certain amount of the paycheck and put it directly into your savings account


Implementing this habit will ensure that you save the amount of money you need to save from each paycheck, whether you’re building your savings account for a rainy day or saving up for a large purchase in the future. As a bonus, this can also help discourage impulsive spending parts of your hard-earned money. 


Check with your credit union to see if the amount you want to save can automatically be transferred to your savings account when your paycheck is deposited.


DIY It When Possible 

Some of the most iconic fall items, like Halloween costumes, fall decor, and pumpkin spice lattes, can quickly become costly. To save money but still enjoy the season, try DIY-ing parts or all of your Halloween costumes, and take this same DIY approach to any fall decor you want to place around your home. 


If you’re craving a pumpkin spice latte or two, buy the items to make this at home from the grocery store. You’ll have access to make the drink whenever you please for a lot less money. 


Clean Up Your Email Subscriptions

If you find yourself receiving many marketing and promotional emails that entice you to purchase sale items from online stores, unsubscribe from these email subscriptions this fall. 


The sale emails can increase in frequency as the holiday season approaches. Taking time to unsubscribe this fall can help you avoid the temptation to overspend on online shopping now and all holiday season long. 


Take Advantage of Free or Low Cost Activities 

Fall is a great time to get outside, and many communities (Montebello included) have free or low-cost activities all season long. 


Instead of taking in the movies or going out to eat like you can any time of the year, take in live music at the weekly Farmers Market or take a trip to the pumpkin patch with your family. 


Even saving a few dollars each week with these tips can add up over the course of the season, and could have a significant impact on your budgeting plan and financial status. 


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