School District Services

Since our founding in 1941, we've proudly served the financial service needs of our educational community.

Summer Savings Program

Make sure you have enough money to get you through summer vacation by setting up a Summer Salary Savings account. Deposit a portion of each paycheck throughout the school year and withdraw from it to replace the paychecks you don't receive during summer vacation.

Furlough Loans

This loan program can help School District, State and City Employees placed on furlough or who have had their pay reduced due to budget reductions stay on course with their responsibilities.

Presentations / Classroom Seminars

Our staff will be pleased to make on-site presentations on a variety of financial topics. We can introduce students to the financial tools they'll use in the real world, help them understand credit and avoid traps, create savings plans for college or a first car, and more.

CU Succeed for Teens

Teens have more buying power now than in any previous generation—but how well do they manage their money? The CU Succeed website is full of practical advice that teens need to know about handling money.

Kirby Kangaroo Program for Kids

By learning basic lessons early, kids 12 and under gain a solid foundation of financial know-how that will last into adulthood. Camino has a special kids saving account that includes enrollment in the Kirby Kangaroo Club.