Summer Projects for Kids

With Summer in full swing, keeping your kids entertained can feel like a full time job.  The last thing you need is your kids being bored because they don’t feel like they have anything to do. To help you keep your kids enjoying their Summer days, here are a few interesting projects to keep them having fun. 

Popped Bubble Art

kids summer projects, kids savings projectsHow fun is this?  Take bubble mix and color it with food dye – then let the fun begin!  It’s as simple as blowing bubbles, but instead of letting them waft away into the wind, you can capture some of the fun on a piece of paper.  This not only creates really interesting pieces of art, but is also a lot of fun and is really interactive.

We got this idea from, you can learn more about this project here:


Solar S’mores

fun summer projects for kids, summer savings projectsInstead of complaining that it’s too hot out to do anything, harness that solar energy and create a fun project!  With little more than a pizza box and some aluminum foil,  you can have a ready made oven to cook some s’mores in.  And while you may or may not be able to “fry an egg,” you can certainly melt some chocolate and enjoy a gooey treat on a hot summer day.

Learn how to do this fun project from



Lemonade Stand

What is a summer without an ice-cold glass (or paper cup) or lemonade, served up by someone who can barely hold the pitcher?  Other than the obvious fun that a lemonade stand brings, there are many lessons children can learn from it, especially about money.

Give them a budget and help them stay within that budget.  Let them know that they have to get all their supplies for the money you give them.  However, once they sell enough lemonade to recoup that money, they can keep the rest.  You can also turn this into an opportunity for them to open a savings account and learn about how a bank works.  This is a really simple way to help them understand the concepts of money and business.

For inspiration for what a lemonade stand could be, check out this blog from


We hope that this can give you some ideas for fun summer projects for your kids and help them stay entertained and educated.  If you try any of these out, we would love to see the result!  Post a picture to our Facebook page to share with our community.

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