Should I Finance My Car Through a Credit Union or the Dealership?

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If you are deciding on buying a new car, you have probably considered whether it is better to use dealer financing or finance through a bank or credit union. When deciding to purchase a new vehicle, choosing the best finance … Read More

Balance Transfer cards vs. Personal loan: What you need to know

Finding yourself in a mountain of credit card debt feels overwhelming, you have multiple payments due and making the minimum payment doesn’t seem to put a dent in what you owe. There are many solutions for managing debt.  Two popular … Read More

5 Free Things to Do in LA During the Summer

The wonderful thing about Los Angeles in the summertime is that there are so many entertaining things to do and interesting places to explore. Unfortunately, many of these experiences will cost you a pretty penny or two. If you’re trying … Read More

Determining What Kind of Savings Account is Right for You in College

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College is characterized as one of the most financially straining times in a young adults life. However, being financially responsible is still very important, and that means still trying to save. Every student’s financial situation is different, but by even … Read More

When Should I Consider Refinancing an Auto Loan?

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Sometimes, when purchasing a car, you agree to terms that are not the most ideal. Finding yourself trapped in a 5-year auto loan with high interest can sometimes feel overwhelming. Refinancing your auto loan may help, but is refinancing your … Read More

3 Money Management Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

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It is never too early to begin teaching your children about financial responsibility. In fact, many experts suggest children are ready to start learning about money as early as three years old. In order to best prepare your child for … Read More

Why Age and Mix of Credit is Important

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When did you request your first loan or credit card? As soon as you opened your first loan or credit card account a credit report with your name on it started keeping tabs. Whether you’ve had credit for three months … Read More

Credit Utilization – What You Spend Matters

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Using credit can be confusing. You create all of these effective spending habits to avoid applying for a credit card, but then you need credit to build a good credit score so that you can get a home, a car, … Read More

Why Your Credit History Matters

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Do you remember your teacher saying “this will go on your permanent record”? Well, think of your credit history as just that. Your credit history is a permanent record that follows you forever, playing a huge role in many major … Read More

4 Questions to Ask When Refinancing Your Auto Loan

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If you’re looking for ways to cut your monthly expenses, refinancing your auto loan may be a viable option. Many people consider refinancing their auto loans in hopes of getting a better interest rate or a lower monthly payment. While … Read More

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