Uncovering the Story Behind the Murals

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Mural 3If you have ever been into one of our branches, you undoubtedly have noticed the murals on the walls. While you might think that we found those images online somewhere and simply chose them because the people looked nice, there is actually much more to those pictures.

You see, the people in those photos are actually members of Camino Federal Credit Union. They are your neighbors, colleagues, and friends.

We spoke with Acacia Phillips, our Senior Vice President and Chief Membership Office about the pictures to shed some light on why we decided to use pictures of our members in our branches.

Why did Camino decide to use pictures of members as murals in each of the branches?  

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted to showcase members in our branches.  In redesigning our branch space, it was important to find a way to honor the many individuals that make Camino Federal Credit Union great, and to reflect the communities we serve.  Since Camino members are also part-owners, this was a wonderful way to also reflect the cooperative spirit and provide a daily reminder of who we serve.”

How did you determine whom to use?  Was there a model search?

“We reached out to members in branches, asked for volunteers in our newsletter and posted the opportunity on our Facebook page.  Our criteria was simple – they had to be members and they had to be available on the day of the shoot.  The member-models were exceptional, and a few even offered to come back later in the day.”

People are usually surprised to hear they are real members.  Do you think that putting pictures of members on the walls helps create a sense of community?

“I do believe it creates a sense of community.  Many of our members are excited when they recognize someone in a mural, and it makes them feel more connected to the credit union as a whole.  Our business is built on trust and relationships, so when a member feels like part of the family I know we’ve been successful.”

benefits of joining a credit union, camino federal credit union benefits, los angeles best credit unionIf you haven’t had a chance to look at the murals, or simply want to take another look at them, we encourage you to swing by one of our branches. It’s exciting to share these pictures with the rest of our members.

Lastly, we want to say THANK YOU for all our members who volunteered to get their pictures taken AND be made larger than life on our walls. You make us look good!