Visa® Share-Secure

Sometimes, credit can be a catch-22. It's hard to get if you don't already have good credit. The Visa® Share-Secure credit card is a perfect solution.

Use your savings and certificate deposits at Camino as a pledge for a credit limit up to $10,000. It makes approval easy and lets you build or repair credit securely.


Enhanced Security

Verified by Visa®

Protect your Visa® card against unauthorized use by registering at Verified by Visa® and selecting a password. When shopping at participating online merchants, the password must be provided to complete the transaction. Verified by Visa® protection is absolutely free.

Zero Liability

This policy ensures you don't have to pay for unauthorized purchases. You're automatically covered on all online, phone, or in-person transactions.

Falcon Fraud Manager

We use Falcon Fraud Manager to protect you against fraudulent use of your Camino FCU credit and debit cards. This service is provided free of charge.

It works by looking for credit or debit card usage outside your usual patterns. If you plan to travel and use your card in another state or country, please let us know before you leave. Otherwise, your card may be blocked for security reasons until we can verify that you are using your card in different places that you normally do.

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