Welcome To Our New Website!

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Camino Federal Credit Union, Los Angeles Credit Union, New Website

We are so happy to announce the launch of the new Camino Federal Credit Union website! Not only is the design updated, but we’ve made changes to the navigation setup and buttons, as well. We’ve created the new website with our members’ well being in mind, our goal at Camino is to make the lives of our members easier! Here are new upgrades to help you transition over to the new site.


We’ve gone mobile! Our new website is optimized for mobile viewing so you can handle all of your banking needs on the go. With the launch of mobile banking a few months ago, we’ve received positive feedback about the convenience and time saving aspects from our members. Mobile banking is made for our members so they can skip the branch and handle their banking anytime, anywhere. The obvious next step was to make the new site optimized for our smart phones! In addition to the mobile friendly version of the website, we also encourage our members to download our app, as well!

New Navigation

The new website comes with new navigation to easily get from page to page! We created more convenience for our members by incorporating drop down menus, so you can select exactly where you’d like to go. The new drop down menus can be seen at the top of the webpage, to the right of the Camino logo. The new menus provide an intuitive step for our members to go exactly where they need, quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While you’re browsing through the upgraded website, you’ll see a new and improved frequently asked questions page! We found that by putting all of the frequently asked questions together on its own page makes the site more user friendly for our members looking for help. You can find the frequently asked questions page at the bottom of the home screen in ‘Support’.


Now that you know all about the Camino Federal Credit Union website, we hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your finances, or if you have any questions about the new website, call us at 800-835-3400.