Why Should You Use High-Interest Certificates to Maximize Savings?

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Are you seeking a savings option that will provide a guaranteed return at a higher rate than traditional savings accounts? While that may sound too good to be true, high-interest certificates offer security and confidence to people like you who want to lay the foundation for a bright financial future. 

At Camino Federal Credit Union, we have been serving the Montebello community since 1941 with certificates that enable our community to make their finances shine. Do you want guaranteed growth for your savings? Learn why certificates could be a great option.

Why You Should Get High-Interest Certificates 

Countless people in the greater Montebello area use certificates to reach their financial goals. If you are interested in putting yourself on the fast track to financial success, let’s get into why you should use high-interest certificates.

A High Interest Rate

One of the best reasons to open high-interest certificates in Montebello is because you will receive a higher return on your savings with a higher interest rate, making them a more attractive and appealing option.

When you open a certificate account, you receive a guaranteed return as long as you leave the money in the account for the agreed-upon term, providing security and peace of mind. The higher rate means you can also maximize your savings and reach your financial goals sooner. 

Because of this, high-interest certificates are ideal for people saving for a specific goal, like making a down payment on their home or building savings for retirement.  

Low Minimum Deposit

Another benefit of getting a high-interest certificate is that they usually require a low minimum deposit. 

Because you can depend on fixed rates guaranteed for the term, certificates are a great way to start saving money for larger investment opportunities in the future. 

Flexible Terms

You can also choose between flexible term options depending on your needs. For example, if you need access to your return sooner, high-interest certificates can come with terms that last a few months, but you can also get terms that last several years.

Keep in mind that the longer the term, usually means a higher interest rate, which presents another opportunity to maximize your return.

One way to build liquidity and take advantage of changing rates is through a strategy called laddering. With this strategy, you take out several certificates, each with longer and longer terms, instead of putting all your money into one certificate. 

As a result, your returns will become available periodically instead of locking in all of your capital for the longest term possible. 

A Community Focus

Lastly, because these certificates are only available by becoming a credit union member, you will also be able to enjoy all the perks that come with membership. These perks include better rates, lower fees, personalized service, and most importantly a community focus. 

Because of this local focus, the member advisors at a credit union like Camino are also part of the Montebello community. As a result, they will give you advice specific to our community to help you make the most of the money.

Maybe you need advice on using the money you earn from this account to make a down payment on a house, or maybe you need advice on where to purchase your first car using an auto loan in Montebello using these savings.

With a credit union, you will be able to make the most of your return from high-interest certificates and receive better rates, lower fees, and personalized member support. 

Ready to Make Your Savings Shine? Get a High-Interest Certificate inMontebello!

You deserve the opportunity to make your financial dreams a reality, which is precisely what you can do with the help of high-interest certificates and personalized, local support. Ready to put yourself on the fast track to reaching your financial goals? 

Visit our Certificate Accounts Page and open an account today to make the most of your money.